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Spring Cleansing & Detox Program
DATE: March 30, April 6, 13, 20
TIME: 7:00 to 8:00pm
LOCATION: NAH Center Wethersfield
TO REGISTER: Call (860) 529-1200
or here online below.*
Cost: $199 ($185 before March 22nd)
(cost covers meetings plus 1 UltraClear Plus)
*Seating is limited.

*** Register for 2 attendees for the program thecost is $320. (cost covers meetings plus 2 UltraClear Plus)

Repeat attendees please call office for addition discount.

Next class April 28th.

Other Recommended Supplements for the Program:


This program includes information on:

  • Removing toxic build up from the body
  • Healing the gastrointestinal tract
  • Healing the liver
  • Improving your diet and lifestyle
  • Chinese Medical (Qigong) cleansing exercises
  • Acupuncture for stress reduction and Liver Qi Enhancement
  • Supervised by: Dr. Marie Mammone

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