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Effective Jan. 2024

Naturopathic (Dr. Marie Mammone ND and Dr. Renee Mammone, ND) Appointments: 

Most Insurance accepted for Naturopathic Appointment. 

All copays, co-insurance and deductibles are patients responsibility.     

Payment is due at close of appointment. 

Senior discounts available. (That includes Medicare participants.)

Initial visit $280.00 

Follow - up visits $140 to $270 (15 minutes to 1 hour respectively)

Missed Appointment (without 48-hour notice) cost of Scheduled Visit

Acupuncture John Mammone, L.Ac. and Dr. Renee Mammone, ND) Appointments:

No insurance accepted (Super bill will be given on request)

Acupuncture -- Initial $125,   Follow-up $90 (continuous),    non-continuous $95

John Mammone, L.Ac.  

AcuReiki -- $125 initial, $80 all others

Reiki treatment $90 initial, $60 all others

Past Life Regression $90

Herbal Consultation Initial $125,  Follow-up $50

Qigong Healing Session $90


Dr.Renee Mammone, N.D.

Intuitive healing $125

Options - Angel Therapy (ATP), ThetaHealing®, Reiki, Carding Reading

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